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Name:Agnes Nitt
Birthdate:Nov 16
Website:Discworld Wiki
Agnes Nitt is a witch of two minds about everything.

There is a saying that 'inside every fat girl is a thin girl and a lot of chocolate'. Agnes' thin girl is named Perdita. Perdita is the name that Agnes gave to all the things that a timid, polite, fat girl couldn't or shouldn't say. Being a witch with actual Talent, though, the act of naming it gave it power and identity. Most of the time, the two share headspace fairly amiably, which usually means Perdita mentally razzing Agnes whenever the girl fails to stand up for herself.

Perdita has the ability to temporarily take over Agnes' body, though she does it only rarely. At such times, Agnes' body is capable of feats that a girl her size shouldn't be capable of, because Perdita doesn't think like a short, chubby girl, and so doesn't act like one.

Agnes has the peculiar ability to sing in harmony with herself, as well as a range that could make any accomplished operatic singer hang their head in shame. She is capable of singing everything from bass to soprano, has perfect pitch, and a talent for mimicry. She is also highly resistant to mental control. Attempts to mesmerize or hypnotize her only cause Perdita to bob to the surface, as though on a see-saw.

Currently, she is several years post-Carpe Jugulum and has come into her own as a witch. After accepting that this is her life and focusing on her studies, she has learned a number of things from Nanny and Granny, as well as from Magrat's leftover books. She has had two long-term relationships, both cross-universal thanks to Milliways, and it is from here that her story is likely to diverge between games.

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Agnes' thoughts
Perdita's thoughts
"Dialogue when Agnes is in control."
"Dialogue when Perdita is in control."

Agnes Nitt is from the Discworld series of novels, and is the property of Terry Prachett. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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